Magistrate Rick Postalwait filed for re-election early Monday
with Circuit Clerk Shelia Garretson, also a candidate for re-election

Ten candidates filed for Calhoun County's elected offices today, according to Circuit Clerk Shelia Garretson.

Jason Nettles (Democrat) for Assessor

Matthew Minney (Democrat) for Prosecutor

Richard Kirby (Democrat) for County Clerk

Carl Ballengee (Democrat) and Jeff Smith (Democrat) for Sheriff

Shelia Garretson (Democrat) for Circuit Clerk

Teresa Robinson (Democrat) and Rick Postalwait (Democrat) for Magistrate (two to be elected)

Bob Weaver (Democrat) for County Commission

Delegate Bill Stemple (Democrat) for House of Delegates is expected to file with the Secretary of State.

Ralph Cunningham (non-partisan) for Board of Education (two to be elected)

Two school board members are to be elected, with only two board members from each district allowed to serve. Two candidates will be eligible to be elected from Sherman and Washington District this cycle. One candidate can be elected from Sheridan, Lee and Center Districts.

Only Sheridan, Lee or Washington District citizens can file for the open position for county commissioner.

The deadline for filing will be January 31.


Prosecutor ($38,500) filing fee $385

County Clerk ($35,200) filing fee $352

Circuit Clerk ($35,200) filing fee $352

Sheriff ($31,900) filing fee $319

Magistrate ($33,625) filing fee $336

County Commission $(16,500) filing fee $165

School Board (two positions) filing fee $25

Surveyor - filing fee $10