NORMA KNOTTS SHAFFER - Dedicated To Preserving The Past For The Future

Norma Knotts Shaffer of Grantsville continues her passion to record the life and times of Calhoun families and history.

Perhaps she will have done more research and writing than any other Calhoun native, now with a tremendous archives.

"Save me a banner to place upon the hills of West Augusta and I will rally around me men who will lift my bleeding country from the dust and make her free." - George Washington

"For approximately 200 years, nearly all my ancestors have inhabited the steep hills and narrow valleys of the Appalachian foothills. They were among the hearty pioneers who were already living on the frontier prior to the American Revolution." "They were the men of whom George Washington spoke during the dark hours of our fledgling nation's struggle for freedom. The truth in Washington's statement is borne out by the fact that, indeed, these men did rally to the cause of freedom and several served our country in the Revolution, mostly as scouts and Indian spies."

"It is to these patriots we are dedicated. Therefore, it is with a tremendous sense of pride and gratitude that I present the genealogy of my family as well as Calhoun County items of general interest."