The Calhoun Commission is expected to make a decision regarding which direction to take regarding a new 911 Center at Monday's meeting.

The 911 Advisory Board has made a recommendation to the commission, including a site selection, debt reduction and the construction of a new building.

In addition to presentation regarding flood plain ordinance enforcement, some other items on the agenda:

- Election of a commission president for 2004

- TV Cable franchising

- Meeting to appoint poll workers for March 6 Emergency Services Levy

- Review of grants, contracts, applications and resolutions: (1) Wayne Underwood Field Walking Trail (2) Criminal Justice Grant (3) List for Legislative Digest (4) Court House Facilities Grant (5) Change of scope from Industrial Park to NYA Building $1,500 (6) Boat Dock grant for Wayne Underwood Field (7) New bleachers and facilities, Wayne Underwood Field - Appointments to boards and authorities, including Flood Plain Officer

- Review alternative sentencing program being used by Wood County

- Set dates for Board of Equalization and Review

- LK Area Development Corporation, Diane Ludwig