Bigamist Dealt With Quickly in 1894


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilms of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 10/16/1894 and 10/23/1894.

Harry Wright, alias Harry Sillman came to this county about two weeks ago and had not been here more than a week until he was married to one Martha Webb, who lives about a mile from town.  On last Sunday a party arrived from Tyler county and gave the information that he was married to his sister.  Warrants were issued for his arrest and if captured will pay the penalty for his much marrying in the penitentiary.  This is said to be his fourth wife and is another instance of foolish girls taking up with strangers and marrying them before they know anything of them.  Will this be a warning to other girls?  No.  Will the people pity this one?  Not a little bit.  Will they go on just the same?  Yes, certainly.

LATER - He has been caught.

Sellman was jerked to justice in short order.  He came to this county less than six weeks ago and soon won the heart and hand of one Martha Webb.  As reported in our last issue he was arrested and lodged in jail on Sunday the 14, indicted on the 15, plead guilty and was sentenced to one year in the penitentiary on 16, and at this time is looking through the great iron bars at the Moundsville Pen.