GOODBYE GRANTSVILLE BILL - William Harris 1921-2003


Each morning as I open the Obits section of the Herald, I do it with hesitation, but also with concern about the people back home.

This morning I am very saddened to read about the death of Bill Harris, but I also can smile through the tears, when I think about how Bill is making heaven even brighter, by just making an entrance and taking his first steps down the streets, paved with gold.

I know that one of the first to greet him, among all his friends and loved ones will be Larry Reed. Bill was such a dear friend to us. Every Sunday, we would take our place in church, right beside Bill. I am sure many, will understand, what I am talking about when I say, most regular church goers have that certain place to sit in church, and Bill, Larry and I had ours and it was together.

Through Larry's illness and after his death, Bill was always encouraging and supportive. One of the things I will miss most, when I come back home, will be seeing Bill and his smile, and getting a big hug. I talked to Bill and Wilma Gene at great length during the Wood Festival. We laughed and talked and had such a great time. I had told Stan about my dear friend Bill and he finally got to meet him.

I know Bill will be greatly missed by many. To Larry, Dorothy, Wilma Gene, and all of Bill's family, I want to say my life was made much brighter by knowing Bill Harris and my heart aches for your loss. May you find comfort, in knowing that he has just moved on to another place that is much better, and that he is rejoicing with family and friends - and we all will meet again someday.

Stan and Linda (Reed) Edwards

I am saddened at the passing of Bill Harris. What a joy he was to know. He always had a smile and a hug.....such an uplifting human being. I saw him for the last time at the Calhoun County Committee on Aging Center this past week.We will miss him.


Anne Smith

For nearly 50 years Bill Harris has told me the same two stories about my behavior as a teenager in Sunny Cal. One I can publish, I think, and the other, well, probably not. He would tell these tales and laugh until tears fell from his eyes. I use to get embarassed, but not anymore.

I have often written about my first memories of Bill, a projectionist at the old Kanawha Theatre. I wondered how one to rise to such ability to run those fancy machines, like Bill. One day a couple years ago I stopped and talked to him as he walked up Phillips Run. I asked him why he was walking, and he replied "To keep from dyin', they say. I would like to stick around a few more days. Then he laughed with that broad smile. Thanks Bill.

Bob Weaver

The Hur Herald

William D. "Bill" Harris (1921-2003) and his wife of 60 years,
The late, Ernestine Winfred Wilson Harris (1920-2000)

Photo from Wood Festival 2000 - Hur Herald