Night Hunt on Fink in 1893


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 11/14/1893.

News from Balas

The young nims of Fink, in the persons of Wm. and Charley Eisman and Burley and Jimmy Siers, with their curs, launch forth, the other night, in pursuit of the opossum and raccoon, which are rarities of delicate deliciousness to the young sportsmen, when 221ere long, they started their game, which soon took to hole, which was a signal in loud triumph from the hunters, who rushed onto the rendezvous of the object of their search with lion-like vigor. What is it boys? was asked by a passer by. A 221coon, replied Bill. The boys proceeded to explore the retreat of their game by which they succeeded in inflating the atmosphere with a livid perfume that was perceptible all over Fink. The boys when seen the next day and interrogated as to their find, still bore evidence of their proximity to the object of their search, and Charley said he had an awful breath but we killed him and left him in the hole.