1893 Wagon Tongue Patent Swindle


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 10/24/1893.

Its Strange They Have Missed Grantsville

A new swindle upon honest and unsuspecting farmers has been brought to light, and this is the way the scheme is operated: Swindler No. 1 calls upon a farmer with a patent wagon tongue and informs him that, having made a big thing out of it, he is on his way home with only his county to sell. He tells the farmer that he can have it for $250 and if he wants it to write to him. In a few days patent right man No. 2 comes along. He has heard that the farmer has the right of the county for the patent wagon tongue, and as he has made a big thing of it, he wants to buy the right of the county and offers the farmer $400, and pays $10 to bind the bargain. The farmer writes to No. 1 and sends his note for $250. He never hears from either of them again, but his note for collection comes up in a neighboring town, and the farmer is out $240. Look out for the chaps.