1999: "SHAF'S PLACE" CLOSES AFTER 51 YEARS - Charlie Sampson Moves On


It has been a fixture on the Mt. Zion Ridge for 61 years, known amongst old-timers as "Shaf's." Charlie Sampson has closed the door of the beer parlor, spending more time at his rustic retreat in the woods above Rowels Run.

He and Linda have been keeping the place going since 1977. It's original owner, James Farley Shaffer (1895-1981) and his wife, Violet (1910-1964) started the business in the original building in 1938. It was moved to it's present location in 1951.

Charlie said most people prefer to drink at home around Calhoun County, mostly for fear of getting arrested. "I don't blame them, " he said. Charlie talked about the old days when dozens of men and women would meet each evening at the pub and drink Strohs, Burger, Black Label, and Blue Ribbon. In recent years, the old labels faded away to be replaced by Busch Lite, Busch, Fall City, Bud, Bud Lite and Miller's. "We haven't made any money for several years, but Linda and I wanted to keep the old place open," he commented.