Hallenbake-Stump Entertain Bystanders in 1896


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 4/21/1896.

For some time A. W. Hallenbake has had somewhat against "Zack" Stump and has been chewing the rag on street corners and elsewhere, until last Thursday evening he got so hilarious that Stump lost his equilibrium and proceeded to take Anthony by the back of the neck and apply a number 9 boot. This made the said Hallenbake very indignant and he grabed up a clod which he threw with great force and violence at Stump's head, but the aim was a little too high and it only knocked Stump's new Stetson hat off and in the dust. This in turn made Stump also very indignant and he made a regular Sullivan rush at Hallenbake, using his foot, which landed considerably below the waistband of Hallenbake's breeches behind. After this Hallenbake made haste and tarried not and for about fifty yards no man ever saw a keener race between two guineas than was had between the two combatants, Hallenbake seeming to have the greatest incentive to do his level best soon distanced his pursuer, but declared he was not going to run from Stump. Order has again been restored and everything is moving along as though nothing had happened.