Big Annamoriah Bear Hunt - 1902


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 8/26/1902.

A Big Bear Hunt

Last Monday evening Jerome Hardman and the editor received an invitation to participate in a bear hunt at Annamoriah.

For several weeks a large bear has been making his home in the large boundries of woods near the farm of H.P. Blake, and has frightened several of the citizens of that community nearly out of their wits. Nothing was done, however, to put an end to Bruins existence until last week, when it was discovered that he had been "working" on the farmers corn. Then it was that Mr. Blake organized a hunt.

Last Tuesday morning more than four score and ten of the citizens of that community assembled on the hill near Mr. Blake's house, each man armed to the teeth, and commenced a thorough search for the bear. In Mr. Blake's cornfield were signs that it has been there the night previous and there the hunt commenced. Through thickets, over precipices, into briar patches and down every stream and holler the crowd searched, but no bruin. After a while it was discovered that the bear hat gotten out of the circle formed and gone across to another hill. Hounds, of which there was an abundance, were placed on its track and the chase began. For a long time the dogs were followed, but on account of the ground being so dry the dogs could not follow the trail, and after a long and tiresome hunt, the search was given up.

As soon as the weather is good for the business another hunt will be taken, as not until Bruin is done away with will the residents of the community rest in peace. One lady recently met the bear face to face, and a very exciting foot race followed. Each endeavored to see how much distance could be put between them in a short time.

It was a sight to see the old fashioned, muzzle loading rifles that was cleaned up and brought from their resting places, where they had lain unused for years. Had anyone got sight of the bear that day, another hunt would have been unnecessary.

We want to be "in at the death" and hope before long to have on exhibition in our office a bear skin or paw as proof of our prowess.