Editorials From 1902 Still Timely


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 1/28/1902.

A newspaper reporter is neither omniscient or omnipresent. He can not tell what is happening or going to happen in your social or business life unless you give him some little insight into your affairs. Some people who never give a "scribe" an item are persistently asking why we didn't get this or that item yesterday. Well, how could we? We are anxious to get all the news and if you kindly give it to us, we will appreciate it and it will aid us to give you a better paper. - Ed.


After you get angry and stop your paper, just poke your finger into water, pull it out, and look at the hole. Then you will know how badly you are missed. A man who thinks his paper cannot thrive without his support, ought to go off and stay awhile, and when he comes back half his friends will not know he has gone and the other half will not care, while the world kept no account of his movements. You will find things you cannot endorse in every paper. The "Book of Books" is often plain and hits some hard raps, but if you were to get mad and burn your Bible, the hundreds of presses would go on printing it. So when you stop your paper and call the editor names, the paper will still be published and what is more, you will read it on the sly. - Ed.