Perils of a Country Doctor - 1902


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 1/28/1902.

Dr. Dye met with another very painful and serious accident last Friday evening. He was making a call on John Wilson and wife on Spring fork, and when near the residence of Joe Wilson, his horse fell catching the Dr.'s leg under it, severely bruising and mashing the knee and ankle. He was taken to Mr. Wilson's house, where everything possible was done to relieve his suffering, which was very great. A young Mr. Metz accompanied him home, arrived here at a late hour that night. The Dr. would not be brought in by those who offered to do so, stating that he had been hauled home twice and with his permission he never would be again. So he came all the way horseback, enduring the greatest of suffering. He has our sincere sympathy in his misfortune, as he is very unlucky, having been thrown from the same horse several times, three times with serious results. Dr. Dye is a very careful rider, and his numerous accidents cannot be accounted for in any other way than that his horse is the cause of it. This horse's shoulder was hurt in the accident at the Spring fork bridge several years ago, and every time it has fallen since, it has been on the right side, and this is thought to be the reason of its bad luck. Dr. says he was never thrown from any other horse and no other horse ever fell with him.