86 Attend Annual Groggs Family Reunion


The annual Ora Groggs' family reunion was held June 27, 2015 at Upper West Fork Park, Chloe. We enjoyed the day by visiting with each other, sharing photos, door prizes, enjoying a wonderful dinner and Dustin Gray & Autumn Blair singing. The oldest family member present was Habred Siers and the youngest was Cater Fildes. There was a total attendance of 86.

Those attending were Habred & Jean Siers, Donnie & Pam Hicks, Randy Siers, Steve & Stacy Lyon, Levi & Adrain Siers, Kristen Balangee, Scott, Mandy, Lacy & Gavin Hicks, Bryan, Kari, Eden & Karigan Maack, Norma Nicholas, Robin Dobbins, Roberta & Ryan Noggle, Kevin, Holly & Kevin Rose, Gena, Mikey, Rion & Easton Osborn.

Jake & Trenton Boggs, Steve & Diane Sams, John, Paula, Hailey & Easton Sams, Loretta Gray, Neal & Jeannette Brock, Rick, Denise & Michael Nida, Tim, Rhonda & Dustin Gray, Jayme Hines, Stephanie & Carter Fildes, Timmy, Heather, Timmy Lee & Easton Gray, Alma Grogg, Sherry, Savanna & Tyler Drogell.

Also, Kim & T.J. Phillips, Jr. & Barb Thompson, Mick & Patty Moore, Mickey & Mitchell Moore, Dustin Metheney, Tonya & Sami Murphy, Emily Metheney, Alley Grose, Autumn Blair, Mike & Pam Groggs, Jeanette Groggs, Billy & Jackie Runion, Frankie & Franklin Jr. Groggs, Linda Gross, Darrell & Helen White, Rick Grogg, Tina, Dylan & Dustin Deweese, and Cassidy Parkin.