Nicholas Co. may have "Oldest Citizen" in 1899


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 5/30/1899.

Nicholas county is the home of probably the oldest citizen of the State.  His name is Lewis Young, an old colored gentleman who lives near town, and if his count be correct, it will have been 111 years in August, next, since he entered this world of "trials and tribulations."  Looking back over the dim, misty past, he can think of no living person who started upon life's journey contemporary with him. He has outlived his generation many, many years, and yet faintly clings to earth, watching the remainder of his life steal away day by day as the sands in an hourglass.  He was here almost at the birth of the Republic.  He has seen it convulsed in war again, to emerge from each conflict with victory perched upon its banner; he has lived through all its struggles for right, its battles against wrong, and our fake "war for humanity," to find it, upon the eve of his exit more depraved and corrupt than when he entered it.  May his remaining days on earth be full of glory. - Nicholas Chronicle.