Bennett Family Responds to Gossip in 1900


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 4/3/1900.


So many things have been told with reference to the attitude of the Bennett family, of Steer creek, and especially "Bob" Bennett, in reference to a disposition to see that the people of this town should have a few cases of smallpox, if it was possible to get them here, that we went and called "Bob" up on telephone last Friday and talked to him on the subject.  In response to our questions he said, "I have no disposition to give them to any one, in fact if I could I would not give them to a dog.  While some people in Grantsville have not treated us right, I know none of the family hold any such animosity.  Our house has been thoroughly fumigated and our clothing so effectually disinfected that there is not now a particle of danger of anyone taking the disease from us or our premises."  He also told us that they were all more or less marked from the effects of the disease and were truly thankful that they were alive.

"Bob's" voice, over the phone, was so very much like that of his father's the day we talked to him before taking his bend, from which he never got up, that it was with great difficulty we suppressed emotion.  Nelson Bennett never had a more ardent admirer than the writer.