Creed Brooks Home Burns - Donations Sought in 1949


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 4/14/1949.

Donations asked for Fire Victim

As you no doubt recall, a short time ago Creed Brooks had the misfortune of losing his home and all his possessions by fire.  The same day L.B. Carroll opened the doors of a small garage to this family for temporary living quarters and on the same day they were provided with some bedding and other equipment that they might have a place to live temporarily.

As everyone knows Mr. Brooks is a cripple which handicaps him from manual labor and I am told his financial condition is such that he will not be able to rebuild his home back.  Therefore I am making an appeal to the people of Calhoun County that we help in some way that this family might have a place to live.  If enough people are interested in this project to send a contribution either money, labor or material I will be glad to act as agent for same and will seek advice and help in planning through a committee of people who know the building trade.

Please let me hear from you as I feel that we who have comfortable home should not be satisfied to sit back and not try to help our neighbors when they are in trouble.

H.F. Rothwell