Laughlin Suicide Details Reported in 1920


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 6/24/1920.

Lem Used His Sheet

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Further details of the suicide of Lem Laughlin, mention of which was made in last week's Chronicle, are contained in the following clipping taken from the Ripley Mountaineer:

"Lem Laughlin committed suicide in the jail Wednesday by hanging himself with a sheet.  The sheet was tied to one of the iron bars across the top of the cell, leaving not over two feet of a step-off.  He had been dead some two hours or more.

"Laughlin is the same man that jumped from an upper window in Squire Riley's court and made his escape.  He was brot here a few months ago and held on a charge of bootlegging and was also wanted in Calhoun county on other charges.  He was 43 years of age and had a family."

Laughlin's remains were sent to Spencer, whence they were taken on to his old home near Orma, where burial was made Saturday.

It is said that Laughlin, who was a robust, hearty man when free, had languished and pined away, and brooded over his capture and confinment until he had become demented. ugg pas cher