What was described as an 'intelligent fireball' over Sutton is making the rounds in UFO circles.

The March 2, 2014 sighting by a Sutton man, his daughter and two friends, says a fireball-looking object appeared to move intelligently overhead.

The account has been recorded by Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a witness reporting database.

The foursome were on their way to pick up a friend from work when the bright light was first noticed.

"Light was bright enough to see from other lights," the witness stated.

"Stopped to see what it was and thought it was a meteor. It came down towards a plane, a commercial type, and we thought it was going to hit it. The fireball stopped as if to let plane pass, and then continued," said the witness.

"It made a zigzag pass, glowed brighter, and then dimmer. Had tentacles (shafts of light come out from top and bottom)... It dimmed to almost nothing. We thought it was gone and then it came back on and finally disappeared behind the mountain."

The event was reportedly recorded on a cellphone.

The 1952 sighting of the Braxton County Monster lives on as an alleged unidentified extraterrestrial at Flatwoods, and is often used as an example of close encounters of the third kind.