Sheriff's Barn Burns in 1913


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 5/6/1913.

Jailer's Stable Burns

The stable on the rear of the Courthouse lot, owned by Sheriff R. J. Knotts, burned to the ground Wednesday afternoon.  One of Mr. Knotts' little boys had been sent out to empty a box containing trash.  The little fellow carried it over in front of Wiant & Barr's store, where a couple of young man set fire to it, and the child then carried it to the barn and deposited it.  In a short time the entire building was in flames and soon was consumed.

Much excitement was caused when it was shouted that the little boy was in the building, and it required much effort to keep Mrs. Knotts, the little boy's mother, from rushing into the burning building.  In a few minutes the little fellow was found playing in another part of the Courtyard, and when this announcement was made his mother she fainted.  In a short time, however, she recovered from the shock and was again in good health.

The barn is not the property of the County, but was built by Sheriff J.P. Knight several years ago and has been sold by the outgoing Sheriff to his successor.  Sheriff Knotts had just purchased the barn from Ex-sheriff Jarvis at $15 and is the loser by the carelessness of the young men who fired the trash.