SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY - Seaward Lynch Will Celebrate 95 Years


Seaward Lynch will celebrate his 95th birthday on September 14, 2002, 1 to 4 p.m. at the Creston Community Building, Creston WV. Everyone is invited to attend and celebrate the life of one of the oldest residents of Wirt County.

Seaward was born the son of Charles and Diantha Lynch, later married Emma Blankenship and had three sons: Robert Lynch of Creston, Rod Lynch of Akron and the late Randall R. Lynch.

Seaward has ten grand children and several great grandchildren.

At the age of 95 Seaward still mows his very large lawn with the riding lawn mower and tends to fifty or more baskets of flowers on his front porch. He also feeds fifty to eighty hummingbirds a year from his hummingbird feeders.

We encourage everyone to attend and enjoy cake and ice cream with Seaward. For those who cannot attend and wish to send a birthday card, please mail to Seaward Lynch
Rt. 1 Box 184
Creston WV 26141

We respectfully ask that gifts be omitted, but cards would be greatly appreciated. Seaward's goal is to receive 95 cards this year.

For more information you may call Chris at 354-6586 or Robin at 275-3190.