Sistersville a Boom Town in 1914


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 2/5/1914.

Meteor Cause Nitro-Glycerine to Explode

Sistersville, W. Va., Jan. 31 - A flaming meteor fell from the sky at six o'clock this morning, struck a hundred gallon tank of nitro-glycerine owned by the Young Torpedo company, a mile from this city, and in the explosion that came with a terrific roar practically every pane of glass in this city and New Martinsville was broken and the shock was felt as far as Clarksburg, thirty miles away.  So far as known no one was injured.

The meteor was seen in its flight by S.D. Curtis, an official of this city, who was about half a mile from the nitro tank.  He said:

"I saw what seemed to be a huge ball of fire dropping from the heavens.  Then came the explosion, which threw me to the ground.  I was stunned for some time, but otherwise uninjured."

Reports coming in from Middlebourne, twelve miles away; Jacksonburg, eight miles away, and other surrounding cities of the shock felt and shattering of windows.  The explosion of the tank rent a huge hole in the earth, about 300 feet in diameter and more than 100 feet in depth.