Court Proceedings and LK Railroad - 1896


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilms of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 7/21/1896, 8/4/1896 and 8/11/1896.

7/21/1896 - County Court Proceedings - Court convened Monday July 13, 1896 with G. Johnson, President; and T.R. Stump and B.F. Sturm, Commissioners.

Upon the petition of sundry citizens in the districts of Sheridan, Center and Sherman, a special election was ordered to be held at various voting places in each district on a proposition to subscribe to the Little Kanawha River Railroad. In Sheridan District, $7,000; Center, $8,400; Sherman, $8,600. Said election to be held August 18, 1896.

The following estimates were made of current expenses for the following year:

Salaries of County Officers, $1,560
Pay of Jurors 600
Pay of County Court 120
Fuel and Stationary 200
Expenses of the poor other than at the place of general reception 600
Criminal and Lunatic Expense 400
For delinquencies and expenses of collection 1,000
For contingencies 200
For pay of expenses at Deaf Dumb and Blind Institute ---
Making and keeping in repair county road 600
For county indebtedness 2,000
Total $7,480

Levies: For road purposes in the several districts 25 cents on the $100. For county purposes 70 cents on the $100.

8/4/1896 - In this county some people are kicking because the proposed railroad subscription was not submitted to the whole county, and in Gilmer some are kicking because it was not submitted by districts. If the kickers of the two counties were together wouldn't there be a kickin' time.

8/11/1896 - The railroad subscription carried in Gilmer Saturday with a grand majority. The majority against it at Normantown was only 29, and at Glenville out of 204 votes but 2 were against it. The vote all over the county was about as decisive for the proposition, and our sister county, Gilmer, is entitled to put long streamers to her banner and have written thereon, "On to Progress." Following is the result:

Center district - For, 577; against, 170
Glenville - For 577; against 11
Dekalb - For 292, against, 10
Troy - For, 190; against, 150.

8/25/1896 - The following table shows how faithfully our voters performed their duty to the proposition to subscribe to the railroad. At Grantsville and White Pine, where the Chronicle has the greatest circulation, but one vote was cast against the proposition at the former and it was unanimous at the later. The voters at all of the voting places did themselves proud.

We can truthfully say we are a progressive people:

Sheridan District
Freed, 53 for and 18 against
Brooksville, 133 for and 111 against
Majority in District for R.R., 157.

Center District
Chestnut Grove, 105 for and 4 against
Grantsville, 156 for and 1 against
Majority in District for R.R., 256

Sherman District
Sharp's Mill, 110 for and 5 against
White Pine, 144 for and 0 against
Majority in District for R.R., 249