RECORD NUMBERS USING CALHOUN FOOD PANTRY - Families Face High Food, Gasoline Prices, Joblessness


Longtime food pantry manager Pete Trippett

Pete Trippett, long-time manager of Calhoun's Food Pantry at the First Baptist Church, said this week that record numbers of Calhoun citizens are coming to the pantry for food.

During March, the pantry served nearly 500 individuals or families.

"Many of the people who are coming don't want to use the service," Trippett said, "the unemployed, the working poor, the old and the young."

"Lots of them are struggling with the high cost of food, gasoline and paying their utilities," he said.

The pantry served a record number of 510 families in November, a signal that hard times are being experienced in the community, many coming for the first time.

The pantry is supported by about 20 county churches and groups.

In December, 2012, Hur Herald readers donated $3,000 to the pantry.

You can help the pantry by making a check to First Baptist Church Food Pantry and mail it to First Baptist Church, PO Box 237, Grantsville WV 26147.

For questions, to donate food items, or requests for food, call Pete Trippett at 304-354-7966.