CALHOUN'S PARK RICHARDS WAS LAST SHERIFF SHOT TO DEATH IN 1976 - Funeral Services Sunday For Mingo Sheriff


By Bob Weaver

It's been 36 years since a West Virginia sheriff was killed in the line of duty.

Mingo County sheriff Eugene Crum, 56, was shot to death at point-blank range this week while sitting in his cruiser in Williamson. The suspect has been charged with murder and attempting to murder another law officer.

Calhoun County Sheriff Park Richards was the last serving West Virginia sheriff killed, shot to death by a gunman on Nov. 19, 1976. Sheriff Richards was attempting to serve a warrant on the man who lived in a cave near Russett.

Mason County sheriff Elvin Wedge was killed along with others on March 3, 1976 when a bomb went off at the Mason County Jail.

The blast instantly took the life of Deputy Kenneth W. "Kenny" Love, and later Sheriff Elvin E. "Pete" Wedge died of injuries. Jailer Ernest R. Hesson died several days later,

Along with law enforcement officers, Bruce and Harriet Sisk were among those who lost their lives in the explosion. Ten others suffered various injuries.

Sisk entered the jail carrying with him a suitcase filled with a large quantity of dynamite and brandishing a sawed-off shot gun.

His wife was being held at the jail on a murder warrant filed by Sheriff Wedge in the death of her two-month-old baby.

Funeral services are Sunday for the Mingo sheriff.

The tragic story of Richards' life and death was reported in two Hur Herald stories:

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