March Exits Like a Lion (Part IV) in 1913


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 4/1/1913.

Storm Sweeps West

Omaha, Nebraska, March 24. - A tornado swept Omaha shortly after six o'clock yesterday afternoon cutting a path from four to six blocks wide and eight miles long causing an appalling loss of life including large property damage.  Hundreds of buildings were destroyed and up till ten o'clock Monday, it appeared that 100 were dead and thrice that number badly injured.

A long distance telephone message to Denver says: "Omaha and vicinity were swept by two distinct windstorms yesterday afternoon both of which were of cyclonic intensity, which spread death and destruction in their wakes.

Fires broke out in many buildings lending an additional horror.  At ten today the available death list was between 100 and 200 with not less than 100 badly injured and probably three hundred or more or less hurt.  All fires have been put out.  During the night fifty alarms were sent in.

Ten persons were found dead and it is believed that the list will reach fifteen at Yutan, thirty-five miles northwest of here where a tornado which later wrought such havoc at Omaha first began its destructive work.

Ralston, southwest of Omaha was razed and half a score more deaths reported there.

Council Bluffs suffered nine dead, a score injured seriously and great damage done.  Large loss of life was exacted in West Omaha while blocks of houses were picked up and dashed into shapeless masses.  Street cars were hurled from the track and demolished."