Huge Snake Sighted in 1900


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 9/18/1900.

Last Friday evening important business matters called the writer to Arnoldsburg, and of course, it is nothing for an editor to ride over to Arnoldsburg and return any evening after supper.  But, the point is we went and in doing so, passed by the farm of J.F. McDonald.  As we went over, about 300 yards above his house we saw where, as we supposed, a large sawed log had been drawn across the road, and we thought nothing of it.  But upon our return in the night time, at the same point, our faithful little saddle mare, Midnight, took fright, and we saw ahead of us what appeared to be a good sized log right across the road.  Finally we whipped the mare up to the object, only to find one of those large snakes, for which McDonald's farm is famous.  The snake disappeared, as if by magic, and we came on our way rejoicing.