Smith's Stolen Goods Recovered in 1899


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 7/4/1899.

About six weeks ago G.S. Smith discovered that some one had relieved him of three pairs of men's fine shoes and later he missed a pair of boots and a few pairs of woman's shoes.  He kept the matter very quiet and detectives were put to work on the case and a portion of the goods were finally located at the residence of G. Bell.  Upon the complaint of Mr. Smith a search warrant was issued by Squire Marshall and placed in the hands of Constable C.T. Scott who went upon the premises and made the search and found a pair of heavy boots and two pairs of woman's shoes.  They seemed to be in the possession of one Wm. Bush, Bell's stepson, and he claims to have found the goods under an outer porch while hunting for a minnow seine one night.  He denies all knowledge as to how the goods got there, but after finding them took the precaution to hide them and when the officer went to search the house he denied having any knowledge of the goods being there but when the officers found a part of the goods he admitted that he had found them under the porch as before stated.  The hearing of the case is set for tomorrow.  The presumption is that these goods were stolen in daylight, the thief entering the store room by means of a back door which always stands open in warm weather.  E. Chenoweth's law office and Hicks' barber shop fronting on the street gave them an excellent opportunity to reach this door and get away without being observed.