Two LK Riverboats Burn in 1920


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 5/27/1920.

Gasolene Boats Burn

Two gasolene boats, the Orion and G. L. Cabot, burned to the water's edge at the Parkersburg wharf Friday evening. The former boat was owned by Creston people and was in charge of Brick Depue at the time of the accident. DePue went on board carry a lighted lantern and when he reached the engine room the fumes from the volatile gasolene ignited and in a moment the craft was in blazes. The Cabot owned by Marion Wright, of Creston, was tied alongside the Orion and in a few moments was a mass of flames. The Parkersburg Fire Department rendered  all-possible aid but with little effect, and it became necessary to tow the burning boats to the south shore of the Little Kanawha where they were scuttled and sunk.  The Cabot was raised and can be repaired in a short time as the engine and machinery were not totally ruined. However, the loss falling upon Mr. Wright is a heavy one and one that he can little afford to stand.