FLASHBACK SUPER STORM SANDY: BULLET MISSED CALHOUN - 103 Without Power Friday, Some Counties Have 90% Outage, Residents Still Stranded


12/11/03 - The storm bullet missed Calhoun this time, with some WV counties still having about 90% of customers without power and some residents are still trapped.

At 8 p.m. Friday, the power company is reporting 103 without power in Calhoun.

Braxton County still has several thousand without electric.

Some Calhoun customers are saying that repair workers have simply forget to reset breakers to restore their service.

In Nicholas County, the Office of Emergency Services says they're going to have to try to get to some people from the air after about two to three feet of snow fell on some areas.

Numerous buildings collapsed under the weight of the wet snow.

Barbour County Commission President Phil Hart said as of Friday morning, more than 80% of his county still did not have power.

First Energy Spokesperson Patti Michel says it could be next Friday before power is fully restored in all areas.<

Some areas have yet to have public water restored.

Millions remain without power along the eastern seaboard including New York and New Jersey.