Record-Breaking Cold Reported in 1899


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 2/14/1899.

In point of cold weather last Friday morning broke the record so far as the recollections of men in this section of the country are concerned.  Thermometers registered as follows:  At Wiant & Barr's store, 33 below zero; at the Huffman Hotel; 30-1/2 and at G.S. Smith's store 24.  We don't know what caused the variations, whither it was due to the locality or variations in the instruments.  But every body and all of their relations know it was cold enough.

Several people in coming to court last Friday morning were pretty badly frozen.  Some fellow came from Harrisville and froze his ears until they were as black as a Stetson hat.  I.B. Starcher and a young Townsand both had badly frozen ears and Mr. Starcher also had a frozen foot.  Attorney W.E. Powell had one foot so badly frozen that he was unable to ware a shoe or even to walk, great blisters raised upon his toes even worse than if his foot had been dipped in boiling water.  A man was truly diligent in business or truly obedient to the mandates of courts to turn out such a morning as last Friday.