Youth Loses Arm in Horrible Accident in 1899


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 10/3/1899.

A Terrible Accident

Last Friday evening about dark, the 12-year old son of Francis Erlewine, living about 4 miles south east of town, got his right hand caught in the cogs of a cane mill, and before the horse was entirely stopped the boy's hand and arm to the elbow had passed through the cogs, disarticulating all the joints and cutting the skin and flesh from the bone to the elbow joint.  Dr. Dye examined the arm and saw that nothing could be done except to amputate.  So on Saturday morning, assisted by Dr. Blair, as well as G.M. Lowers and Howard Waldo, as two more assistants were needed, he amputated the arm one-third of the distance from the elbow to the shoulder.  The boy was very weak from the time of the hurt, though he rallied well after the operation, and it is hoped he will soon recover.  This is a member of the same Erlewine family who had such a scourge of typhoid fever last year.