Officers to Enforce Quarantine in 1900


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 1/30/1900.

Oath of Special Officers

You do solemnly swear that you will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of West Virginia, and that you will, to the best of your ability discharge your duties as Special Officer of the local Board of Health of Calhoun county and that you will fully and faithfully execute its orders.

Instructions to Special Officers

All Special officers upon receiving their appointment shall appear before some officer of the County authorized to administer oaths and take the oath above, and upon taking such oath you become one of the lawful officers of this county, and as such, you are liable to all penalties prescribed by law for failure to perform your duty.  For will at once go to the point designated at which you are to perform duty and be at said point or place by daylight, or as nearly all that time as possible, (And in case two guards are assigned to perform the same duty, the one on duty shall not leave his post until relieved by the other.) and shall not leave his post until late bed time or until the public travel has ceased.

You shall allow no one to pass or repass your post or station who according to your best judgment and from all your possibilities of information has been in n infected district or had possible exposure to the disease and for the purpose of this information you are directed to detain all persons for sufficient time to enable you to make necessary investigations, except that physicians in their practice, and who have used due means of precaution against the disease, shall be allowed to pass you, and persons having the written permission of this board will also be allowed to pass; and you are specially instructed to allow no one residing in said counties or who has been traveling in Gilmer, Roane, Ritchie and Clay counties within the last 25 days except physicians and persons having permits to pass your post or station.  You who may act in the districts of Sheridan, Center and Sherman will see that church meetings, schools, Sunday schools, Literary societies and public assemblies of the people are forbidden and disallowed.

In case any residence, hotel, store, village or town is quarantined the officers in charge will see than any message for medical aid, food or matters of necessity is conveyed to the proper person or persons, and all ingress and will be forbidden except for physicians and persons having permits.

All officers will take due precaution to not come in contact with any person, place or thing likely to be infected and will only allow persons to approach with sufficient distance to speak or be notified except in cases when actual contact may be a necessity in enforcing orders.

You, when required by the board, are compelled by law to serve as special officers, and for any failure to perform your duty, you are liable to $100 fine, and any person who shall fail to obey any of your lawful orders is liable to the same punishment.  And all persons who pass or repass points or lines forbidden to be passed, by this board, or who furnish any officer with false information for the purpose of inducing you as such officer, to allow such person to pass, is liable to the said fine of $100.