Goods Recovered, Two Arrested in 1898 Burglary


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 4/12/1898.

It will be remembered that we gave an account in our last issue of G.S. Smith's store having been burglarized on the previous Saturday night or Sunday morning. Since than suspicion pointed to one Elmer Kelly and a young man by the name of Joe Hall as being the guilty parties, and upon such information as was obtainable in a search warrant was issued, together with a warrant for the arrest of Kelly and Hall.  The warrants were placed in the hands of Constables C.L. Truman and O.J. Mollahan, who served them.  The boys were found on the Walker fork of the West Fork, at the residence of "Judge" Ellison, and about $50 worth of goods were also found and taken by the officers.  The most of the goods were identified by Smith and his clerk.  A razor and pass book were found on Kelly's person and identified.  The officers brought the men and goods here last Thursday, and took them before Squire Marshall, where they waived examination and in default of bail were remanded to jail.  Of course the evidence has not yet been heard, but unless the boys can prove an alibi and account for the possession of the goods, they stand a fair show to be put in a position to learn some part of a trade.