Smith Store Burglarized in 1898


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 4/5/1898.

G.S. Smith's store was burglarized again last Saturday night.  All the surface indications are that an entrance was affected by removing a pane of glass from a window facing Main street.  If this be true, he took the trouble to replace the glass, but however, leaving his mark, a small corner being broken off the glass and having dropped on the walk immediately under the window and being refastened with new tacks.  Several articles of merchandise were taken but no money.  Some tobacco, a couple of oyster cans unbroken, a couple of empty corset boxes, and the box in which an alarm clock used by T.C. Owens, the clerk in the store, were found under the porch and edge of the store room.  It seems that an attempt was also made to steal a horse out of Mrs. Cook's stable.  Gilbert Collins of Pennsboro, had two horses in the stable, both of which were blanketed, and Sunday morning he found that the blanket had been removed from one of them, and thrown over the manger.  This is all the evidence there is of an attempt to steal the horse, but this, coupled with the fact that the thief had left a part of his stolen goods, will carry out the theory that he was scared away before completing his job.

The store must have been entered considerably after midnight, as there were a great many people on the streets until 1 o'clock.  The Masonic fraternity had a supper served at Mrs. Cook's which was not over until after 1 o'clock, a.m., and several parties were in Hicks' barber shop until a much later hour.