Former Resident Escapes Freezing in 1936


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 1/30/1936.

Former Resident Escapes Icy Death

R.L. Marshall, former prominent resident of Grantsville now residing near Bellville, Wood county, had a narrow escape from an icy death in the blizzard which struck this county Wednesday evening of last week when he was caught in a blinding snowstorm and snowdrift about 7:30, enroute home from Belleville.

Mr. Marshall, who lives about three-quarters of a mile below Belleville on his farm, had been to Parkersburg, and came to Belleville in one of E.F. Matlack's trucks, driven by J.C. Rake.  He started to walk on (illegible) highway was block by snowdrifts.  He became lost and wandered off into Crooks' field and was nearing the river.

When he called for help Raymond Buckley, a rural mail carrier, just happened to go out on the porch and thought he heard someone calling for help and listening, heard the cry again.  He went to his next door neighbor, J.C. Rake, and said he could hear someone calling for help down on the bottom some distance.  They immediately started in that direction and after some time found Mr. Marshall.

They got help and carried him to the home of Mr. Rake.  He was almost frozen and would not have survived much longer as he is an elderly man and rather frail.  He was cared for at the home of Mr. Rake that night as it was impossible to get to his home even to notify his wife.  He was able to go home the following morning.

News of the near tragedy did not reach Grantsville until Saturday evening, when telephone communications by local relatives of Mr. Marshall brought information that he is resting comfortably at this time.