Dr. Dye Nearly Perishes from Exposure in 1900


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 1/9/1900.

Last Tuesday night about 10 o'clock Dr. W.T.W. Dye and Dr. A.C. Blair started from this town to go to Richardson, for the purpose of amputating Al Nichol's leg.  It was a very cold night and on their way they both suffered greatly from cold.  Blair stopped at Peter Hicks' and got a cup of coffee, and Dye went on to the head of Pine creek, where he waited for Blair, and while waiting, got off his horse and stood around in the snow until he was almost perished.  From this point they went around the ridge and their road being narrow, they rode single file - Dr. Blair being ahead.  So, out in the vicinity of Hur while riding very fast, Dr. Dye's mare left the road and jumped into a field and threw the Dr. off, over an embankment.  Dr. Blair being ahead and numb with cold, did not miss Dye for some time, and upon going back, could not find him, so he finally gave up the hunt and went to the home of Salathial Buck and waited until day light.  Meanwhile, Dr. Dye was unable to get on his horse, and in the struggle took off his overcoat, his gloves and ear muff, and almost perished with cold.  He finally got to a hay stack and pulled out some hay and layed down to die, but was found in time to be brought around all right.  He was hauled home in a sled and is now about all right.