CALHOUN'S JED PURDY - Duke Professor Still Theorizing


A Calhoun native continues to make a name for himself.

Jedediah S. Purdy, born in 1974 at Chloe, is a professor of law at Duke University and the author of two widely-discussed books: "For Common Things: Irony, Trust, and Commitment in America Today " in 1999 and "Being America: Liberty, Commerce and Violence in an American World" in 2003.

He is the son of Walter and Deirdre Purdy of Chloe.

Most recently he is the author of "The Meaning of Property: Freedom, Community and the Legal Imagination" in 2010 and "A Tolerable Anarchy: Rebels, Reactionaries, and the Making of American Freedom" in 2009.

Purdy writes in the Huffington Post: "Readers hear a lot about the Supreme Court's money-is-speech doctrine and its protection of corporate spending. Why do these decisions happen? Much more than any other branch of government, the federal courts are powered by ideas, and it's essential to grasp those ideas if you want to understand harmful decisions."

"These decisions have the effect of giving constitutional protection to private economic power. The most infamous Citizens United decision, which protects corporate spending in politics, is part of a pattern: a new eagerness to strike down economic and political regulations in favor of the freedom to buy, sell, and spend ..."

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