Editor Defends Indictees in 1911


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 4/25/1911.

The Chronicle believes that in justice to the boys whose names appear this week in the list of indictments, Harley and Herbert Ferrell and Golden Stalnaker, that an explanation should be made, so that the public may not get an unfortunate opinion of the boys.  The fact is that the complaining witness, John Fink, is a half-witted ignoramus whose highest ambition has been to indict someone, that he might appear as a witness and draw his pay as such, and there has never been a grand jury since he came to the county but what he was before it attempting to indict someone, but this is the first time that any jury has paid attention to his tales.  And he has on several occasions attempted to have boys arrested before justices, and on at least one occasion had a young man arrested, but at the trial his evidence was so different from the complaint that the case was promptly dismissed at Fink's cost.  In this indictment the charge was throwing stones at the house in which Fink lived and although we do not know these employees well enough to justify us in the assertion that not one of them would do anything to harm a hair of this poor imbecile's head, and we believe that the tale he told the grand jury is greatly at variance with facts in the case.