Taylor Home Is Lost In Fire in 1970


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 2/26/1970.

2/26/1970 - The home of Mr. and Mrs. James P. Taylor of Minnora was destroyed by fire Saturday morning. All contents, except for a few chairs, also went up in the blaze which destroyed one of the oldest and largest homes in the area. The house was known as the George Hamilton property at Minnora, a two story frame building of many rooms.

Firemen from Grantsville, Clay, Spencer and Glenville answered the call for help and they were able to save the Minnora Methodist church next door. Also in line, should the fire not been confined were the P.E. Knotts home and store, and other dwellings.

Grantsville firemen went back in the evening when smoldering timbers blazed up again and the church was threatened a second time.

The fire was found in an upstairs bedroom, possible caused by faulty electrical wiring. Mary Taylor, age 10, found the fire. The oldest in the family, Linda, 16, attempted to put out the blaze before it spread but she was herself burned on one hand, and her hair singed. She got the younger Taylor children out of the house without injury. One daughter, Pam, 15, was in Charleston, as were her parents.

All furnishings in the Taylor home, clothing, books, were lost, their total value with that of the house estimated at $20,000. There are seven children in the Taylor family, Linda, 16; Pam, 15; Ruth, 13; Mary, 10; Jimmy, 8; Timmy, 4; and Janie, 2. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor and family have found temporary quarters at the Robert E. Burns property of Hog Knob, but they plan to move back to Minnora when housing there is available, and to rebuild on the same lot.

Since buying the Hamilton home at Minnora several years ago Mr. and Mrs. Taylor had done extensive remodeling both inside and out.

The Community Action Association is helping to get some things together for the Taylor family, as they need everything to set up housekeeping again. They need furniture, linens, cooking utensils, clothing.

Here are their clothing sizes: Mrs. Taylor, size 16; Mr. Taylor, shirt size 15-1/2 and pants 34-29; Linda, dress size 14, blouse 36 and boots, 8; Pam, size 10 dress, blouse 32, boots 8; Ruth, size 8 dress, blouse 32, boots, 9; Mary, size 10 dress; Jimmy, size 10 shirt and size 8 pants slim, and boots size 2; Timmy, size 4 shirts and pants in children's sizes, boots7; Janie dress size 3 in children's and boots 7. Anything for this family can be given through Community Action, and left at their CAA office in the basement of the courthouse.

The Taylor family expressed their appreciation to all who came to help them.