Town Sergeant Criticized by Editor in 1898


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 6/12/1898.

This town was the scene of a most disgraceful affair last Friday evening.  Are we civilized and enlightened and will be the outside world regard us as such, or are we heathens and to be treated and reckoned as such?  Inside the corporation and in the public highway a gang of teamsters or men belonging to the show here stripped naked and went in bathing.  They were in plain view of J.C. Stump's residence, Jerome Hardman's residence, Alfred Stump's residence, and the terminus of Main street and the main alley, where the large percent of the people come and go to the town.  Personally we knew of one case only and this we reported to the Town Sergeant, and we only want to ask him if his action in the premises conforms with the solemn oath which he took before assuming the duties of said office.  Are we to pay our taxes and then have the modesty of our wives and daughters shocked with such brutal contempt?  Shame on such official neglect!  Whether any officer had information as to the dozen or more men exposing their persons we do not know, but if they had and failed to take such steps as would lead to a vindication of the majesty of the law they ought to resign without further ceremony.  May a merciful God forbid that the moral town that we profess to have will tolerate another act of this kind.  We hope that a highly incensed and outraged public will pardon us for not dealing with the subject in such scathing language as it warrants.