Stump Hotel Closes, Hotels Needed in 1919


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 5/1/1919.

Grantsville Greatly Needs Hotels

With the sale of the Home Hotel by W.H. Stalnaker to Geo. W. Hamilton, and Miss Nettie Stump's action in taking down her hotel sign, Grantsville is without adequate means to meet the demand of the traveling public.  The only hotels here now are the ones run by Mrs. Belle Jeffreys and M.D. Fogle, and these are always crowded beyond their capacities.

Some of the enterprising men of the town are strongly discussing a proposition to organize a corporation and put up a large first-class building.  There is no doubt that such an investment would be a paying one, for there was never a greater demand for a large hotel in this town.  This is something in which every citizen should be interested because people are not going to come here if they have to be confronted with the worry of some place to stay, and if the people do stop coming the present boom that has struck the town must come to an end.

If Grantsville is going to make any effort to hold up its present business stride, the people must get busy.  It is up to us to look ahead farther than we have been, and no better beginning can be made than to build a good, roomy, first-class hotel.

It's up to the new Board of Trade to pull and the rest of us to push.