Preacher Nearly Drowns at Creston in 1897


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 4/13/1897.

A Narrow Escape

Rev. S. Robinson, on his return to this town from a long and tiresome trip to see his folks down in Kentucky, came very near being drowned at Creston Thursday night.  A Chronicle representative called on Mr. Robinson and obtained from him the following statement of the circumstances:

"Being tired and sleepy on account of being up late for two or three nights I asked Mrs. Hilton about 10 o'clock for a berth, and being a good, kind painstaking woman, she showed me a berth and I slept very sound until I was awakened by the cursing and swearing of Clerk Page in the cabin.  He wanted to lay down and I was occupying his berth.  Clerk Page came and opened the door of the stateroom and with very bitter cursing and swearing and most insulting language ordered me out of his berth.  I replied very kindly that I would give him his berth as soon as I could get my clothes on.  The Clerk came back before I could get my clothes on and used very rough and insulting language.  I replied that Mrs. Hilton had showed me that berth, and on going into the cabin found they had been to Creston for two or three hours, and all the passengers were gone and the fire nearly out in the stove.  One of the hands came up in the cabin and I asked him if I could get to the hotel, to which he replied I could and directed me to go to the lower part of the wharf.  I, with a large telescope in one hand and a heavy overcoat on and an umbrella in my other hand, after getting over on the wharf in the dark, caught my toe under a cable that fastened a coal barge to the wharf, I tilted headlong into the river, grip, umbrella and all going under.  I hollowed for help, but no one came to my relief, and when I came up my head struck the barge just far enough up to be out of the water.  Not knowing how to swim it was a life and death struggle for me to get to the shore, which was about 12 or 15 feet off, losing my hat, umbrella and grip, with some things in it that were invaluable to me.  I offer $5.00 reward for it.