Politics Invades School Board in 1941


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 8/28/1941.

"Education" Board Takes Second Lick at Calf

Females of the bovine family (cows to you, numskulls) lick their young immediately after birth for reasons which every farmer knows.  But a cow does not lick its calf the second time.

Only the reigning triumviate of the Calhoun county board of education and their advisors have the second whack at the calf.

Which all goes back to an order of the board arbitrarily transferring teachers hither and yon in an attempt to strengthen, and lengthen, and thicken a political organization which cares not for the welfare of school children, the desires of school patrons, nor for moral decency or efficiency in the schools of the county.

State Superintendent of Schools W.W. Trent promptly called the hands of the three members of the triumvirate, gently and kindly pointing out that such transfers cannot be made without charges being brought against the teacher, or without the consent of teachers affected and the approval of a majority of patrons of schools known by the board of education, or at least they are or should be known to the county superintendent who is paid a reasonable salary and a handsome traveling allowance for thinking about such matters.  And he should have sufficient character to advise the board, even against the wishes of those whose boots he feels compelled to lick.

The taxpayers of the county pay for legal advice for the board.  Try to get 'em to use it.

But Dr. Trent has his eye on the board of education of Calhoun county and the outside advisors of the board.  He is not going to put up with any shenanigans, and school patrons may feel safe about the welfare of their children.

Dr. Trent is inquiring into some other irregularities of the board.  He wants to know how come the triumvirate make fish out of one and fowl out of other teachers in the matter of removing a cloud of immorality, inefficiency, etc., when only the circuit court has such power.

Be it said to the credit of President Levy H. Stump and Member Fred F. McCoy that they did not join in any of this skull-dugery.  The record is clean so far as their votes are concerned.