Fiery Conflagration at Brooksville in 1915


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 11/11/1915.

Disastrous Fire at Brooksville

Brooksville, eight miles northwest of this place, was the scene of a disastrous fire Sunday night when the two general stores, one residence and a shop burned to the ground with a loss of $10,000 or $12,000, partly insured.  The fire was first noticed about nine o'clock Sunday night in the store of G.W. Wells and although the whole town was soon aroused and heroic effort was made to quench the flames it was soon communicated to the adjoining buildings with the above result.  The losses are as follows:

G.W. Well, general merchant, store building and stock of goods valued at $6,000 totally destroyed; insurance, $4,500.  Mr. Wells also lost a residence across the street from the store valued at probably $1,000 on which there was no insurance.

L.T. Ferrell, stock of goods valued at $2,000 with no insurance.  A small part of this stock was carried from the building before the flames completely devoured it.

G.W. Taylor.  Ferrell store building, valued at $1,500 on which there was no insurance.

H.S. Knight, wareroom, valued at $1,000, with no insurance.

C.L. Shanks, small shop, valued at $200, no insurance.

From the best reports it is thought that the fire started on the first floor of the Wells building near the oil tank and in just a short time the whole building was a mass of flames.  Mr. Wells lived in the second floor of the store building, but he and his family were absent when the fire started.  The fire made a big light in the sky and its glow could be plainly seen here, but on account of the telephones being closed word of the catastrophe was not received here until Monday morning.