SUMMERSVILLE $1.2 MILLION SPEED TRAP - They Just Don't Get It, It's Public Safety Business


By Bob Weaver

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their pocketbooks. Stay away from the West Virginia town of Summersville (pop. 2,700).

The city government, law enforcement and some citizens continue to verbalize unreasonable arrogance in writing and defending over 18,000-19,000 speeding tickets annually on U.S. Route 19, a scenic gateway route to the south.

After a half-dozen recent local and national news stories, letters of protest and town meetings, these fine Summersville folks just don't get it. They're in the "public safety business."

During 2000, the town took in nearly $1 million dollars in fines and court costs, and another $277,000 for a "driving school" available from the town or on the Internet. In 2000 the small town had accumulated a $2.2 million surplus.

We highly suggest avoiding the town, by-pass it whenever possible and refrain from spending any money in or near the corporate limits.

The Canadian Automobile Association has declared the town a speed trap and has advised their members to avoid the region. The town is listed on speed trap web sites, to be avoided.

Mayor Stanley Adkins challenged the automobile associations stance by saying "I plan to call them and see if effective government is the real reason" for the ban.

The Canadian Automobile Association says "Police continue to relentlessly tag motorists in this area."