Holly Griffith Sightings Abound in 1921


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 1/20/1921.

Griffith Not Captured Yet

Griffith, the noted bandit still enjoys life and liberty so far as is known to us poor mortals.

There have been many wild tales about his presence in this community during the past week, but so far as we have been able to find out there is no foundation of fact for these rumors.  That these rumors are not confined to this section is evidenced by the fact that nearly every West Virginia newspaper one picks up carries a story to the effect that a man presumed to be Griffith has been seen in that particular neighborhood.

In Clarksburg a report found its way to the newspapers that Griffith had shot and killed the Sheriff of Harrison county.  Upon investigation it was found that the sheriff was a very lively corpse.  Then the report that judge Jake Fisher, who sentenced the bandit to the penitentiary for life, had fallen as the gunman's victim had to be laid.  In fact the most of these stories are to be laid to super-acute imaginations.  The writer's family has been out of town for the past week and we have had to spend the nights alone.  During that time there has hardly been an hour of the long lonely nights but what we have heard Griffith in the house.  We finally get up courage to peep out from under the covers we have always found that is only the old cat which we had forgotten to put out or something equally as harmless.

The rumors and reports that Griffith has declared his intention of taking vengance on some one or other for alleged wrongs ought not to be published.  Their spreading can be of no possible assistance in the hunt for Griffith and it does untold injury to the families of the men about whom they are circulated.  The fact of the matter is that half of these reports are started in ill-chosen attempts to tease and worry some one, and have nothing at all for their foundation.

Griffith, in our opinion, has had about enough killing to last him for the short rest of his life, and we do not imagine he is thinking half as much of wreaking vengance on some certain individuals as he is about getting over into some country where his name and crimes are not so well known.

The report that Griffith had sworn vengance against two of Grantsville's well known citizens is entirely without foundation and was started merely to have a little fun at the expense of the men.

Our advice is to forget Griffith as long as we have no more tangible evidence that he is in our midst.  When he does come let the brave sworn officers of the law do the chasing and shooting and the shouting.  The state constabulary are on his trail and it is only a matter of time until Griffith will be captured.  A detachment of the state police arrived at Creston, near Griffith's old home, but nothing has come of their visit so far as we have been able to hear.