Holly Griffith's Luck Runs Out in 1915


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 5/27/1915.

Griffith Captured in Ohio

A report reached this place Tuesday evening that W.H. Griffith, slayer of Constable Jeff Gough, of Creston, and Chief Ord Thompson, of Gassaway, and who created no little excitement in this section a few weeks ago when he was being chased by a large posse, had been arrested at Youngstown, Ohio, and had been brought to Charleston.  The information does not state how he happened to be captured in Youngstown, or what reason there was for taking him to Charleston.

A later report from Charleston confirms the above.  Griffith was seated in a Youngstown restaurant eating supper when one of his large pistols was discovered sticking out of his pocket.  He was arrested on a charge of carrying weapons and when searched letters and a note on a Charleston bank purporting to be signed by F.S. Rose were found on him.  He had given a different name to the police and they immediately wired to the Charleston officials to know if "Rose" was wanted there.  The Charleston officers went after him and he is now lodged in the Braxton county jail where he will go on trial for the murder of Police Officer Thompson of Gassaway.