Holly Griffith Remains at Large in 1915


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 5/13/1915.

Griffith Eludes Pursuers

W.H. Griffith, triple murderer who has caused so much excitement in this section of the country for the past two weeks, has probably given his pursuers the dodge and will remain at liberty until some future time.  During the latter part of last week Griffith crossed over into this county from Ritchie followed by an armed posse of probably a hundred men with bloodhounds, making his way from Yellow Creek to Leading Creek, thence to the Little Creek country and on over into Roane county.  It is reported that he was seen at Spencer Sunday night and talked with Dr. Goff, of that place, whom he met on the railroad tracks a short distance below Spencer.  That night a store at Barr Summit was broken into and robbed and Griffith was given credit with the crime.

During Griffith's flight through this county he stopped and talked with several people and several times was seen by the pursuing posse.  Many shots were fired at him, but his luck remained with him until he got to the mouth of Leading Creek when a shot from a shot-gun fired by a Mr. Woodring struck him in the neck, inflicting a slight wound.