Holly Griffith Formidable Adversary in 1915


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 4/8/1915.

Pepper Baffles Bloodhounds

The posse in pursuit of W.H. Griffith, wanted in Wirt county for the attempted murder of Constable Jeff Goff, are hot on the trail of the fugitive and expect to take him within the next twenty-four hours.  The trail was taken up at Hartley, Ritchie county where Griffith took dinner Thursday, and was followed to West Fork Creek, Calhoun county, where the fugitive covered his tracks with pepper, after retracing his steps several times.  This confused the bloodhounds, who were unable to pick up the trail in that vicinity.  Griffith also has a number of relatives in that vicinity, who, it is alleged, are aiding him in eluding his pursuers.

A hand car was reported missing from the C. & I. tracks at Rutherford, Ritchie county, and when the report was investigated, it was discovered that the hunted man was in that vicinity.  The hand car was found near Cairo, Friday morning.

Constable Jeff Goff, who was seriously wounded by Griffith when the former attempted to put the latter under arrest, near Creston, is still in a serious condition, but Dr. McClung has announced hopes for his recovery.  The ball was removed from the lung and if that organ can be cleared of the blood that had flooded it, the injured man will recover. - Friday's State Journal