Warrants Abound Over Liquor Sales in 1901


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 8/6/1901.

Speakeasies at Brooksville
Proprietors Spent a Night in Jail

Last Tuesday a warrant was sworn out before Squire R.M. Marshall, Justice, for the arrest of John McNerney and James Philips, charged with unlawful retailing the ardent at Brooksville.  The same was placed in the hands of Constable S.M. Scott, who with the assistance of Battell Ferrell, Robert Ferrell and James Wright placed the gentlemen in question under arrest, and sought for some means of conveyance to bring them before the Justice.  While waiting for a team, a second warrant was sworn out before S.G. Rogers, J.P., and placed in the hands of James Wright, one of Constable Scott's assistants, re-arrested the parties and took them out of the custody of the said Scott.  Under this latter warrant, McNerney was given a preliminary examination before Squire Rogers who held him under a $100. bond for his appearance at Court, and a $500. bond to sell no more red-eye; but Philips, who is a brother-in-law to the Squire was given no hearing, and allowed to run at large.

This ends the first chapter, and the second begins when Squire Marshall issued another warrant for the arrest of the same parties and placed it in the hands of constable Harman Martin for execution; and on last Friday with the assistance of Leman Bennett and Ben Clayton, he arrested the aforesaid McNerny and Philips, brought them to town and placed them in the county bastile for safe keeping over the night.  The prisoners did not relish the idea of looking through iron bars, and tried every possible way of keeping out of jail.  But the officers were determined, and they spent the night in jailor Waldo's cooler.

Saturday morning they were arraigned before 'Squire Marshall for their preliminary hearing.

Philips waived examination, and entered into a bond of $100 for his appearance at the next term of Court, and a $500 bond conditioned to sell no more liquor between this time and the next term of the Circuit Court.  And McNerney entered a plea of not guilty, also of a previous trial, before 'Squire Rogers.  Three witnesses were examined for the State and none for the defense, and the Justice held him under like bonds as those given by Philips, Dr. I.C. White and H.L. Ferrell going on the bonds of both parties.